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Name:Dear Meta
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Dear Meta

Similar to [community profile] dear_mun, this is a community where RP characters may post ICly. Instead of talking to the players, the characters are free to address each other or people in general. For example, if an event is going on in a character's game that upsets the character, they can post about that. Basically, this is a community for people who enjoy the concept of [community profile] dear_mun, but are unhappy with the fact posts must be characters talking to their players.

Rules & Etiquette:

1. In order to post, you must join the community. Membership is automatic.
2. All posts and tags must be IC. Don't bring OOC grudges and the like into threads. Of course, you can make OOC comments whenever it's necessary or communicate via subject lines.
3. No one is under any obligation to tag back if they don't feel like it. If someone doesn't tag back, they may be busy or just not in the mood to tag with your character.
4. While there are no restrictions on topics, please place content higher than PG-13 behind a cut.

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